Advanced Find and Replace 7.8.1 简体中文破解版(高级查找替换工具)

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Advanced Find and Replace中文破解版是一个高级文件内容查找和替换工具,支持普通文本、HTML和RTF文件,可以在多个文档中搜索和替换整段文本!此外你可以从多个文件中插入,替换和删除由好几行所组成的文本块。其它的功能比如:可以使用 Perl 风格的正则表达式,支持命令行参数,可以用 XML 保存结果,可以将 Perl 脚本转换到 Unix 平台。

Advanced Find and Replace 7.8.1 简体中文破解版(高级查找替换工具)

Advanced Find and Replace 7.8.1 简体中文破解版(高级查找替换工具)

Advanced Find and Replace 功能特点:

Search files with smart queries as with Google or Bing.
Replace simple or multiline text in multiple files.
Complete search and replace in Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.
With batch replace operation you can easily replace or update hundreds of different links in several files.
Preview found text as with Google.
Possibility to replace in file names: it can be used as full-featured file renamer.
Possibility to rename or delete folders.
Use Perl-style regular expressions for replacements of any complexity.
Saves results in XML and other formats.
Works with command line parameters.
Extremely fast, easy to use and excellent documentation is included.
It is a great time-saver for programmers and Webmasters


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