NetSetMan 3.5.2 简体中文版(一键切换IP地址配置)

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NetSetMan 3.5.2 简体中文版(一键切换IP地址配置)用户界面:

NetSetMan 3.5.2 简体中文版(一键切换IP地址配置)

NetSetMan 3.5更新内容:

– Fully Windows 8 compatible!
– NEW: Pre-Logon profile activation!
You can now switch profiles on the logon screen!
Optional / turned off by default (Preferences – System Privileges)
– NEW: NSM Service now bundled with NetSetMan
Optional activation through preferences menu
Previous versions will be automatically replaced
– NEW: System – MAC-Address (only use it if you know what you’re doing!)
– NEW Language: Indonesian
– Polish translation now up to date again
– Fix: Access errors on settings file in certain cases
– Fix: NSM Service error 1332 on program start in rare cases
– Fix: Running NSM with NSM Service might’ve delayed for 15sec
– Fix: Some UI problems systems with large fonts turned on
– Startup & shortcuts now selectable for all users or current user only
– From now on Windows 2000 isn’t supported actively anymore.
New features might but are not guaranteed to work on this old OS.
– Lots of minor fixes and adjustments


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