FlashFXP 官方正式版

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FlashFXP是功能强大的FXP/FTP软件,融合了一些其他优秀FTP软件的优点,如像CuteFTP一样可以比较文件夹,支持彩色文字显示;像 BpFTP支持多文件夹选择文件,能够缓存文件夹;像LeapFTP一样的外观界面,甚至设计思路也差相仿佛。支持文件夹 (带子文件夹)的文件传送、删除;支持上传、下载及第三方文件续传;可以跳过指定的文件类型,只传送需要的文件;可以自定义不同文件类型的显示颜色;可以缓存远端文件夹列表,支持FTP代理及Socks 4&5;具有避免空闲功能,防止被站点踢出.

FlashFXP 官方正式版

FlashFXP @ 5/11/2012:

Improved features:
* Improved file upload routine to keep the file open throughout the entire upload process, this should eliminate issues where FlashFXP attempts to upload the file only to have it fail with an open/access error.
* Added the ability to store x509 certificates/ssh keys with a passphrase, you will be prompted to enter a password any time the certificate or ssh key is loaded.
* Improved logical/natural sorting. The hybrid method we were using didn’t always match the operating system.
* Improved FTP directory list handling and parsing. Typically each entry should end in a CR/LF, but this isn’t always the case and some FTP servers use LF or CR.
* Improved the behavior of Transfer (via queue list > right-click ), if the connection attempt is delaying for retry it will now trigger a reconnect, rather than waiting the duration of the retry delay.
* Improved drawing of the file list, in some cases moving the mouse over the file list would cause some items to randomly erase and not draw correctly.
Bug fixes:
* Fixed a bug in the UNIX style list parser when parsing certain timestamps and as a result the entry displayed the wrong timestamp.
* Fixed [interface/keyboard] issue that prevented item selection/unselection when using control+space key combination.

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  1. 这个是beta版,不要误解大众!


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