Microsoft Toolkit 2.4.6 绿色版(Windows8/Office2013激活工具)

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Microsoft Toolkit是一款微软产品激活工具,支持Windows7、Windows8激活,也支持Office2010、Office2013激活。Microsoft Toolkit是由Office 2010 Toolkit(Office2010激活工具)的升级版本,同时具有Windows和Office激活功能。运行Microsoft Toolkit,点击界面右下角的Office图标进入Office Toolkit界面,点击Windows图标进入Windows Toolkit界面,对应激活Office和Windows系统。

Microsoft Toolkit 2.4.6 绿色版(Windows8/Office2013激活工具)

Microsoft Toolkit 2.4.6 绿色版(Windows8/Office2013激活工具)

Microsoft Toolkit 更新说明:

-Activate and AutoKMS will charge a KMS Server’s Client Count if it is determined to be too low.
-Activate will stop KMS Server Service, and restart it when done.
-Added ability to restore Microsoft Office 2013 activation on Windows 8 to a different Windows 8 Edition.
-Added KMS Server Service as an Activation Tool.
-Added SharePoint Designer 2013 Product Key.
-AutoKMS will not attempt to activate a KMS Host Key mistakenly.
-Better clearing and setting of KMS Hostname and Port if it has been set using other methods.
-Blocked running from Network Drive.
-Can KMS Activate Microsoft Office 2013 on Windows 7 (but not Windows 8) offline.
-Customize Setup’s Add Languages lets you integrate multiple languages at once.
-Customize Setup’s Add Updates lets you integrate multiple updates at once.
-Fixed a License Restore bug on Windows 8 where tokens could not be deleted/replaced.
-Fixed Remove Language always saying you only have one language installed.
-If you get C004F074, KMSEmulator is started and any processes using the KMS Port are killed, to ensure KMSEmulator runs.
-KMS Server Service will kill any process using the needed KMS Port.



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  1. 激活office2013失败了,程序遇到问题停止!

  2. 你好!请问一下windows7可以用这个office2013的激活工具吗?以及能否安装批量授权版office2013? [可爱]

  3. 博主能把这种激活方法的教程发给我吗。我有点笨不会激活。邮箱

  4. 很不错,收藏了

  5. 一直在用,非常好用,我的是2.0.1,只能激活120天,然后又要激活,这个能永久激活吗?


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